Attention to all my customers interested in ordering, Currently I won't be taking any cake orders starting from November 1st.2018, I will post an update of when will I be back on taking orders again.

thank you very much 
Fondant Cakes: starts at $5 per slice 
Buttercream cakes: starts at $4 per slice 
semi naked cakes: starts at $3.50 per slice 
and this is for base price minus the decoration and topper.
Minimum order 
I require a minimum order of $250 and above for my orders, and that could be for the cake only or cake and other desserts combined, plus tax and delivery.
 i take reservation through my Facebook business page, website, 
e-mail or text. 
time required before placing an order: preferably 2 weeks in advance, you can reserve as early as one year or as close as 1 week, but I can't guarantee availability!
reservation is done by payment, I don't do verbal reservation. 
when you're ready to place an order please make sure to mention 1- date of event 2- how many servings you want the cake to serve 3- a picture of the design you want. 


I offer cake tasting for $30 fee for up to 3 people, a great bonus of the tasting is we get to meet and have a private consultation to design your order, by appointment only!